What does it mean if he likes pulling my hair?

sounds silly but what does it mean if the guy likes pulling my hair really hard and pulling my head back by my hair so he can kiss my neck? he also likes biting. kinky?!

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yeah pretty much what every one said. he likes being aggressive and having power. pretty much all guys will act like one time or the other. but if you want him to tone down then talk to him. or if you enjoy it..then thats cool.

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I wish I hadda boyfriend like that..O.O lol
It just means he likes being rough with you and likes being dominate.
If you don't like it then just tell him to tone it down

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Hes aggresive, wants you to be submissive. In a relationship this could cause some problems if he carries it out farther then just being Kinky. These types of people have the personality to become very dominat and controlling.

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I guess he likes it or something? maybe tell him to stop if you dont like it, or tell him to at least not pull so hard on your hair lol

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what he said lol but if you dont like it tell him to stop

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It means he likes being aggressive and having you at a submissive state. If you don't like this then don't let him do it.

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