Can something look bad on a rack and good on a person?

Lets say two people are shopping and one asks the other if they think the item they are looking is nice and the person it is being shown to says “No I don’t like it”.

However, lets say the person who held it up for the other to see bought that item and wore it couldn’t the person who hated it at the store all of a sudden like it when they see it on the person who showed them the item in the store.

Answer #1

Of course. Things usually look horrible on display and good on me. But then it can also be the other way around lots of time. On manicans too. It just depends on your body shape and such you know??

Answer #2

it could look gorgeous on you. So, yes.

Answer #3

Of course…Happens to me all the time…Sometimes when I see an outfit Im like ‘’huh what were they thinking?’’ … But then when I try it on its like ‘’ah yes I look gorgeous”…lol

Its not the clothes you wear, its how you rock it

Answer #4

yeah that happens a lot like I see a piece of clothing and it looks ugly but then I see someone wearing it and I totally change my opinion its how you wear it

Answer #5

yeah, that happens all the time. when you see something on the rack, never dismiss it before taking a moment to image what it will look like on. :] could be cool.

Answer #6

ya all the time

Answer #7

Definitely. But more often it is the other way round for me.

Answer #8

That it possible. Some items may look good on someone rather than on the rack. Or Vice Versa.

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