Any body know how to get good cars for not a lot of money?

Ok so im going to be getting a drivers license in about 2 years and my parents are already looking for cars for me that are cheap. But the ones they are looking at our like from 1998 or something like that . I wanted to know if anybody got an cars from like 2002 from I don’t know to 2010 cheap. Im really looking at something like an suv type of thing. But cars are ok. Please help.

Answer #1

Yeah, I know how you can get a good car cheap. Go to a yard where right-offs go when the owner can’t afford to buy the vehicle back. You can often get a very good almost new car (say, about 2004 ish) for a quarter of the price you’d pay on the open market just because it’s got a damaged bumper which can be repaired for very little, no more than what you paid for the car anyway. So you’ve got a half price car, basically.

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