Is it sprained or broken?

My wrist has been hurting the past week. When I try to move it, it like pops.. Not just one time, it will pop over and over. The bone looks like its split in two peices and it like hangs down and I can’t make it straight. but my mom won’t take me to the doctor. I can’t do anything without it hurting.. Does it sound sprained or broken? Anything?

Answer #1

my hand has been hurting mostly on the face of it my mom says it might be sprained but their is nothing you can how can you tell?

Answer #2

If there is sharp pain in your wrist joints then it probrably is a broken wrist. You won’t be able to make a movement with your wrist. However, when it is sprained, there should be a contused wound. And it does not hurt as much as a broken wrist. My Advice to you is to consult an oncologist.

Answer #3

It’s really hard to tell without an x-ray. I broke my arm and refused to go see a dr… turned out it was broken. It really sounds like it is broken. Go in to the ER. Seriously, go in yourself if she wont take you.

Answer #4

uh, hello Agent 47 - isn’t an Oncologist a doctor who treats cancerous tumors? ??

Answer #5

Go to the doctor! Unhealed broken bones cause lifetime problems

Answer #6

I think you should go to the doctor because you I think it is sprained

Answer #7

Agent47’s advice should be dismissed. An ONCOLOGIST is a doctor who treats cancerous tumors!

Answer #8

Yes that is what an oncologist is. I would start with a trip to the ER. If your wrist is sprained or fractured, they will advise you to follow up with an orthopod. Also, please don’t take the above advice that a fracture hurts worse than a sprain. This is not necessarily the case, and in fact, a sprain can often hurt more and cause more disability, especially over the long term.

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