Is it possible to die from boredom?

Is it possable to die from boredum? Cause im am so bored

Answer #1

No, but it is possible to be scared to death. So being bored is safer than being scared.

Answer #2

…no? possibly… I am sooo board right now it’s not even funny!!! no- wait!!! ahhh!!! im dying from boredom!!! ha zaaa!!! … … .. . ..yes… .. .


Answer #3

Well I am bored and I am not dead! Hmm, maybe I am dead and I just don’t know it!

Answer #4

No or I would be dead now(:

Answer #5


Answer #6

I doubt it

Answer #7

I don’t know I am CLUELESS!!!

Answer #8

hmm I mean I wouldnt doubt it

Answer #9

maybe if you were bored enough that it caused you to kill yourself. but dying from boredom, I’d already be dead

Answer #10

I don’t know maybe if so I would be dead w/ ya…lol

Answer #11

Totally dead and don’t know it. LOL

Answer #12

I believe so.

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