Can you dye your hair twice in one day?

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it will not fall out I have done it before and no, it will not fall out. you just need to start using conditioner to put some oils back in your hair. dying it makes it dry.

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You mean all of it? Like bleaching it and then dying it a darker shade or different color, or just streaks or highlights? If you do all of it then it might be bad don't do it often is my advice...^_-

What will happen if I dye my hair twice in two different days?

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thats agreeing with me.

>>"is it okay to dye your hair twice in one day"

...going lighter..i said yes it is.

and not all lightening products bleach or use ammonia.

either way its still bad.
just going darker is less damaging to your hair.
and when i say damaging it doesn't dry your hair out as much.
because lighting your hair takes moisture out.

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ahh im getting messed up
i mean

no its not okay... going lighter is bad. darker isnt as bad.

i thought your question was

"is it bad dying your hair twice in one day'

...sorry =[

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Why? Not that I should be talking, but do you have that much time on your hands?

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I will have to disagree with pinkpantiemints..

Going lighter (bleach), is more toxic to the hair then using a darker color of dye.

If you are lightening your hair with bleach then wait a few days.. or even better a few weeks..

Dying your hair darker is not as damaging... So its okay to dye your hair darker.. but it will be slightly brittle. Make sure to use a deep conditioner afterwards and let it sit for a little while.

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so it's okay to dye your hair dark, and then use another shade of dark highlights afterwards-- in a row?

Is it okay to dye my hair twice in two days?
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yeah if you want it to fall out (:

can I dye my hair two days in a row?

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whoops haha i mean yea its more damaging so NO its not okay

...sorry =[

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I wouldnt ..Dieing your hair is not good for you and your health so avoid doing it as much as possiable

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if your dying it darker, no.
lighter. yes.

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