Is it okay to use body lotion on my face?

To use body lotion on my face? It says not recommended but it has aloe vera and vitamins in it and after I put it on my skin feels real good, and looks great. Am I doing damage because its a body lotion thats not recomended for facial use?

Answer #1

If it doesn’t give you spots, it should be OK. I think it’s not recommended because it’s too thick and may clog up your facial pores and give you zits. So if it doesn’t do that to you, then go on and use it!

Answer #2

I have actually never read on my body lotions where it says dont use on face. so im not sure if mine says that or not, but I do and nothing has happened to my face soo far!

Answer #3

nooo. I wouldn’t suggest doing that. There is a reason its for the body and not the face. Usually body lotions have a lot more moisturizers in them which can clog the pores of the face and give you acne and blackheads. Facial skin has its own needs. I suggest using Oil of Olay. Its great stuff.

Answer #4

Since it says not recommended, then better play safe–dont apply it on our face. ^^ Maybe you should buy lotion that can apply on your face?

Answer #5

of course why not lol I put it on my lips also…it makes them softer

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