is it ok for a 11 year old to like tinkerbell?

my little sister likes tinkerbell, and shes confused if she should like it or not even though she likes shopping too, do you think shes ok to like it, I think so.

Answer #1

yea lots of people love tinker bell I do I’m 17 and I know a 38 year old who does actually I know a few 30 some thing year old’s who like her so yea

Answer #2

it;s perfectly natural im 13 and I like tinkerbell its only a movie character

Answer #3

tinkerbell is the shiznit

Answer #4

wow thanks guys( ps: I still like tinkerbell too!! who cares what people say? cause I sure dont!

Answer #5

Yeah dude…If I still sleep with my baby blanket at 17 then I think it’s okay for an 11 year old to like a character from a cartoon. Tell her if it’s people in school ho think it’s immature, tell her to tell them to shove it, that she likes her. High school girls and boys wear the hulk and barbie backpacks still. She shouldn’t let people get to her.

Answer #6

it is okay I am 14 and I am in complete love with spongebob me and my mom still watch it all the time it is normal =] me

Answer #7

dont worry, theres nothing wrong with it many, many people still love cartoon caracters …many old people as well im 18 and I still love them theres even 70 year olds that still do

Answer #8

To have a fond affection for any animated character is totally healthy as long as the person holding the character in their affections understands the difference between fantasy and reality.

Answer #9

as in peter pan? why shouldn’t she like her? its perfectly fine to like a movie character… my mom loves betty boop, tinkerbell, and angelica from rugrats.

Answer #10

tell her not to worry. everyone has something that they are interested in and that makes them happy. my cousin is in college now, and she still has her bathroom decorated with everything Tinkerbell. a lot of people are still into cartoon characters; they just don’t admit it. I mean, hey, I still like to watch Disney and other animated movies and I’m 18. there’s nothing wrong with it. plus, a lot of people at my old school liked Dora the Explorer. it’s perfectly normal.

Answer #11

yepp matter of fact my grandma is 50 and loves her

Answer #12

now if an 11 yr old boy liked tinkerbell, then you could worry a bit lmao

Answer #13

yeah I know a 17 year old who still like tinker bell

Answer #14

Im 20 years old, and tinkerbell is STILL my favorite disney character {{followed closely by Belle}}.

Answer #15

totally :D

Answer #16

its fine even grown ups love kid stuff its fine

Answer #17

yeah my bff loves tinkerbell and shes turning 14

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