Is it normal to get a constant tingling sensation after colposcopy

I had a colposcopy done yesterday because my doctor found a patch of cells that were not active in a very active area! Yesterday I just felt really queasy, dizzy, and campy after the procedure… today I have a constant tingling sensation down their and some cramping… it’s more like an annoying sensation that doesn’t go away!! Does anyone know if this is normal and what a patch of inactive cells in an active environment means??? Anyway hope someone can help!! Thank you!!


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I'm afraid I have no idea if this is normal or not but I definately think you need to contact your doctor so you can be reassured and so that they can know it may be a side effect for future patients. You'll be doing them and yourself a favour so don't worry about be annoying to them or anything - I know that's what would stop me!
Hope this helped x

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I had the some thing done because I had abnormal cells and after I had my son I had to have surgery done to have them removed and I don't remember having tingling. I think right now you should call the Dr. that did it and ask them if it is normal just incase something is wrong ok.

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