Is it normal not to have your period at age thirteen?

Well, I’m thirteen and ALL my friends have started their periods already, even the young ones! a lot of them have no curves at all but, I who is a 36A-32B and have hips have not started mine. Everytime they talk about it and they ask me “How about you?” I never have anything to say. When I feel something wet on my panties, it’s always a “false alarm”. ? I asked my mom when started hers and she said when she was thirteen in summer. Am I not normal? They tease me like “She can’t get pregnant!” and I laugh but I feel left out. Im worried that if I don’t get it, I’ll never have the four children I want to give birth to when I get married.

Answer #1

You will get your period…some girls don’t start until they’re 16 or 17…but really, don’t wish it upon yourself, it isn’t fun.

Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t get pregnant…

Answer #2

well, I was younger than you when I got mine, but no, seriously, don’t wish it upon yourself! enjoy not having it while you dont have it! I dont know why all of your friends are making it out to be all cool if you have a period. periods suck. you have mood swings, horrible cramps, your bloated and mad at the world. seriously, dont worry about it until you have to. we all have different bodies, so everyone gets it at different times.

Answer #3

yep I didnt start till 15

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