Is a 2.5 inch penis normal for my son?

My son suddenly asked about it and while he did that, in my mind I laughed but I thought he is really serious so I found this site.

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2.5 is very small I just turned 14 and I'm a 7.5

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he is still 12.

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Just remember that your son may not be or is only just coming into puberty, he has got a good 5/6 years to go yet, developing hair etc, sit him down and explain to him that everyone develops at a different rate, that his penis will get bigger as he goes through puberty. Tell him that every man is different and so is the size of their dicks. He shouldnt be to concerened about it at his age yet. Maybe get a book on male puberty which shows the stages of development, its good that he feels he can talk to you about these things, so don't ignore it talk openly about it. Hope it helps!

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he is 12 and only a 2.5 in?!?!?!!?!?..dang...this one 12 year old dick I saw was 7 in

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Haha big Scott

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Has he started puberty? Cause when I started at 12 I was 2.5 now I'm 14 and im 5 inches

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Well my boyfriend is 15 and has a 8 and half sooo I'd say he is small because my ex when I was 12 was 13 and he had a 7 inch one. But hey tell him size doesn't matter. because it donttt if the girl really loves him it don't matter

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I don't quite remember my penis size when I was that old may have been the same may have been bigger but im 16 now and my penis is 8 inches but ask him if that how big it is when erect or flaccid he may have told you the flaccid state which would about average for older teens

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Everyone comes in different sizes and shapes. If his dad is small, maybe he just inherited his genes.

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yer im 16 and mine is 3.4 I havent hit it fully yet

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Oh thats fine. thats about right for a 12 year old I think. He's still going through puberty, hell, he could still be growing when he reaches 25. If your sons concerned, sit him down and just talk x

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