Can a guy really have a 14 inch penis?

I know about eights and nines, and I was talking to my girlfriend the other day, and she said her man has a 14 inch hard. Is that possible?

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Sorry, I usually look at mistake!

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Since everyone else answered your question, I would like to know what you doing dating a girl who already has a man?

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Its possible but very rare, and do not believe you friend. She was kidding you.

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angelfire - I think she meant girlfriend, like female friend... not someone she's dating...

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hell yea because I got an 18 inch penis lol joke but in all seriousness it is possible yet extremely rare

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In the guiness book of records I believe the record is held by someone who had a 14inch pen*s. I say "had" because he died when giving blood because he got an erection and there wasn't enough blood to go to his heart AND his 14inch pen*s. So yes it is possible but 1) it's dangerous 2) it would almost definately rip a girl 3) guys and girls often misjudge measurements of or over-measure things like that for ego purposes. Either that or she was having you on. Hope this helped x

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yes that is possible

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yes it is possible check online do a google search

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Possible but highly unlikely.

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Largest guy on file is 13.5. If dude had 14, he'd be holding the record...

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