is HTC Touch a good phone? pleas answer!!

I want my dad to buy me a new phone but I can’t make choice. is HTC touch a good phone? I just want a phone with good sound, fun, cool, good camera and isn’t very easy breakable ( so that when I let it fall one time it doesn’t break that second). …

Answer #1

one of my friends has it. he likes it. the camera on it was pretty good, for a phone.

Answer #2

Yes ! HTC Touch is good phone to buy . It contains the features like Mp3, video,camera, etc. You can buy it from any of the online shops like or . Note : Unlocked phones are too expensive to buy . Better, you can buy a carrier locked phone and unlock it from any of the online vendors like to unlock it . Because, locked phone cost is low when compared to an unlocked phone . Once, you have unlocked your phone from carrier lock, you can use it with any other GSM networks internationally .

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