Centro by Palm , Touch by HTC , or the Samsung Instinct ?

Im looking into getting a new phone (Centro by Palm , Touch by HTC , or the Samsung Instinct) but dont know which one to choose xP

I REALLY want the Instinct, but some of the ratings werent so good…

I need a phone with a good Internet browser, instant messaging, it has to be good with text messages, and have good call and video/picture quality as well. Id also like it too have some kinda picture editing things.. Which one do you recommend?

Answer #1

Kay so no touch. What about Instint or Centro?

Oh hey stephanief987, can I ask why the phone sucked? What was wrong with it?

Answer #2

HTC Touch sucks - it looks cool but its really not great, I had it and couldn’t stand it so I got someone to take it over the contract for me. Don’t waste your money on it, it’s nothing special.

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