Is Goth melting into the mainstream?

Goth is becoming more and more accepted by the mainstream. At first I saw this as a positive thing, that might stop people hating us, but then I realised, when Officeworks started selling “ gothic stationery “, that the newfound, accepting nature of the general public might lead to the destruction of Goth, if not by an overuse and eventual tireing by the mainstream, but by an abandoning of Goth by Goths, as the culture will eventually become everything it strived not to be. Is this evident to anyone else, or an I just paranoid?

Answer #1

Thankyou, jazlovestoskate, you have put my mind at rest…

Answer #2

I’m not paranoid as such, it’s just that I don’t want Goth to be swallowed up by the mainstream. Did you read my question proprely?

Answer #3

Mate dont worry about it , its not goth, at freaking officeworks over here they sell that sh*t even at just jeans and other clothing stores they sell goth ,emo stuff, but its all fake crap…they have noticed this new (to them) styles and they want to make as much money off of it as possible…but if they think the crap they sell is goth/emo they have another thing comming…its all crap…just stick to what you know and like and ignore it…its all for the money.

Answer #4

I don’t think its something to be paranoid about - its not like they are going to take over the world.

Answer #5

the fake mallGoths yes but what Goth truely is the mainstream cannot take away from us The maonstream is usually what’s hot & what’s not Goth is Goth is Goth However, there are too many posers out there I think, sullying our name Where I live people think Emo, Metal, & Goths are the exact same thing & either people dispsise it(not knowong what it really is) or admit they don’t knwo what it is. Eno’s clam to be Goth, blah blah blah, I’m going to ramble on forever. In short, like I said above, the mainstream is just what it is, although some people may like the style in the mainstream & such they still can’t take away what Goth truely is. You’ll see people have a few Gothic things, but that doesn’t mean they’re Goth.

Answer #6

…depends on what you call “goth”!!!

Answer #7

everything eventually becomes “cooler” for a little bit goth will always be here and therell always be goths who dont do anything related to the mainstream but therell always be that “pop goth” thing were kids start wearing and buying “gothic” things just to be cool its just like punk, theres a lot of so called “punk” things that ppeople wear to be “cool” and they have nothing to do with real punk dont let it get to you because while therell always be kids wearing goth things to be cool therell always be real goths out there

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