Is drying clothes in the oven still proper?

Since my dryer broke, as of late, I have been drying all of my clothes in the oven. I preheat to an even 350 degrees fahrenheit, then I lay open my shirts and pants on the bottom two racks, and on the top two racks I place my socks and unmentionables. The only problem is, everytime I go out in public, as of late, people keep telling me I smell like either pizza, green bean casserole, or burnt vegetables. What should I do?

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I have never heard of drying your clothes in the oven lol... I would have thought they would've caught on fire or something..
Just hang dry them..or use someone's dryer.
Or cook a chocolate cake before you dry your clothes so they smell like that instead. ;)

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u actually dry your clothes in the oven ??
the reason that your clothes smell like food is maybe because your oven stinks
clean your oven please!!! that shud help

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I'd be afraid of starting a fire. I saw a woman taking a pie out of an oven with a dishtowel instead of a hotpad, and she dropped the towel on the element(the redhot glowing bars fyi) on the bottom, and it immediately caught fire.

Also, Kramer tried it and burned holes in his clothes.

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yes hang them out to dry, or call a friend or fam member with a dryer

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Use the food comments as an intro to a pick up line.

Note to self... start baking my cloths with cookies.

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just hang them up to dry, a lot of people have been without a dryer
just fabric soften them in the washer hang up a string and let em dry!
drying them in the oven seems unsafe

Well my advice is to hang them up and air dry them.

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I don't think it is very safe to dry cloths in to oven maybe just hang dry them or if you have a hair dryer that might work.

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