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About NERDS Collective

Who we are

Welcome to NERDS Collective, the premier Youth Marketing Agency in London, UK. Founded by Luke Hodson in 2013, we specialise in engaging with diverse inner-city youth consumers, representing a significant portion of the global youth populace. Our agency combines cultural intelligence, big data, and expertise in youth trends to craft authentic and consumer-centric brand projects that drive both cultural equity and ROI. With over a decade of experience in championing youth culture, we offer hyper-nuanced consumer insights, bespoke cultural strategies, and innovative content that speaks directly to the next generation.

What we Do

At NERDS, we assist brands in understanding their position in the youth-dominated world and help forge meaningful connections within young communities. We focus on cultural relevance, believing that the survival and success of brands extend beyond mere price, function, attributes, and emotional benefits. Our goal is to help brands evolve from brand icons to cultural icons by crossing category limitations and positioning them for adoption within micro-cultural communities. We work with brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, The North Face, Converse, and Levi’s to build compelling cultural identities that resonate within youth communities.

Why you should use us

As a leading Youth Marketing Agency in London, NERDS Collective offers unparalleled insights and strategies to help brands meaningfully connect with today’s youth. We understand the ever-changing cultural landscape that young individuals navigate and strive to make brands adaptive, authentic, and culturally aware. Our team of culture specialists uses Frontline, our proprietary research platform dedicated to global street culture and youth consumers, to equip our clients with rich audience insights and compelling brand narratives that resonate with the youth audience.

We excel in cutting through the noise of misaligned product offerings, marketing strategies, and positioning in the market. NERDS Collective focuses on your strategic target audience with the highest propensity to resonate with your brand and drive the forecasted sales you desire. Our comprehensive consumer segmentations, meticulous cultural mapping, and tailored connection planning within the youth demographic ensure that every facet of your brand resonates harmoniously and powerfully within the youth market.

What can you ask?

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Reach out to NERDS Collective today to rediscover your brand’s true potential and dive deep into the world of youth marketing. Let us help you find clarity and realign your brand strategy to target effectively within the youth market.

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