Is cody linley really dating demi lovato?

Is cody linley really dating demi lovato? If so.. That wud be the ickiest thing on earth.. Although I admit they make a gud tandem.. Since both of them are walking disasters!

Answer #1

demi is just friends with all of the Jonas brothers I dont belive she is dating cody now but he commented awhile back saying his most embarrasing that was wtih her due to the fact his car broke down and he was late then he got it going again and when he whent to pick her up even tho he was very late and she had to be on a plane at like 5 the next morning her rents let her stay out and on the way to there destination the car broke down again but he also said it was an great night too and she was nice she even got out and held a cell phone so that he could see better

Answer #2

demi is your beStfriEnD? weLL iT said in a magZine that deMi lovato is torn between cody linley and nick jonas..

Answer #3

yea I dont know what was up with that like there were rumors about it yes.. but eh.. but demi does flirt a lot. haha I have seen and heard it. but I dont think her and cody are going out im assuming you saw that on youtube or something. a lot of people were photoshopping pics putting them together. haha which was like reallly weird. also she’s more nick jonas’ age.. then joe jonas. I dont think her and joe dated. but I think they kinda like crushed on eachother.. she said before how nick was kinda like not talking to her for a while and she thought he didnt like her, but then she said “but I realized he’s shy so”

who knowwwsss..

Answer #4

What are you talkin about? They are NOT dating, I should no who my best friend is dating and NO it is not Cody!

Answer #5

I really dont know who Demi Lovato dating. I mean, Im confused myself. It seems like she dating one guy one week & another guy the next. I wish I knew the truth.

Answer #6

nooo they just frnds ok…

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