is chicken byproduct safe for dogs?

hi all.I have a gsd puppy 4 mnth nearby meat shops chicken and mutton byproducts are available.can I feed him that.should I cook it or can raw byproducts can be given to puppy.should I add rice too?

Answer #1

um not trying to be rude but why dont you just feed it puppy food???

Answer #2

It should be fine to feed it to your pup but I wouldnt do it on a regular basis. If so yes I would cook it some. Raw meat makes your dog more agressive & also causes worms in some dogs. Hope this helps!

Answer #3

For a pup, yes…I’d cook it, and fine to mix it with rice…you have to transition him over to it slowly, over 5 to 7 days…as you don’t want him to get diarreah. Do they have regular puppy chow kibble (dry) in India? If they do, that would be the best food for him, during his growing time. It’s formulated to give a pup exactly what he needs…far easier to feed, and makes for “good poop”.

Feeding him on a schedule will help with his housetraining…too


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