Is a iPod Touch worth the money?

Who here has an ipod touch? Are they easy to use? Do they break easy? Good quality? Or do you prefer normal iPods?

I’m wondering whether to get one or not, and would love your help, thanks!

Answer #1

they really suck I had one the screen breaks so easliy and the insurance dosent cover the screen which makes up the whole thing. cases for it dont protect it id go for the new iPod shuffles my sister has one of those or the orginal iPods those are great and hold even more songs

Answer #2

yea deffinatly you can get free internet and every thing jailbreak it and you can get free movies and games go to and you can get a chep one there

Answer #3

dont get an ipod touch get an ipod shuffle

Answer #4

I have one. I’m actually on it right now. I love it. It really is good to use!

Answer #5

Its like thee greatest thing ever ! :DD I bought it and I love it ! its amazing !:DDD

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