is 4'11'' too short for a 17 year old girl?

im 4’11’’, I think im waaay to short,

will I grow??

and how much should I way?

Answer #1

im 4’ll and im 16 and most tall guys love short girls

Answer #2

My ex. was your height, it’s a good thing ;-) Did a lot of things I couldn’t do with taller girls. But if you smoke, I would suggest you quit. I quit about a month ago, and I’m hoping it’ll help me grow an inch or two :-P hopefully. Actually, I’m going to post a question about this :-)

Answer #3

Im 4’11’’ too. I weighed 100 pounds Feb 2008 and probably weigh a little more than that now. Im 18 years old and will be 19 Feb 2009 . In the years before 2008 I weighed 91 pounds. I weighed 91 pounds since I was in like 7th grade! I havent grown since I was in 5th grade or sometihing lol You are short lol WE’RE both short lol but short is sexy lol there are many guys that are addicted to short women. So I wouldnt worry about it! I think as long as you weigh over 90 pounds you should be good!

Answer #4

Girls stop growing by the age of 18 but who knows there might be a miracle.It’s not your fault but your genes decide this.Your normal weight should be almost 41Kg which is almost 91Pounds.

Answer #5

yeah you probably sniffed to much glue and stunted your growth…jk I’m sure you have another inch or 2 to go…I grew till I was 18-19 <—6’2” but don’t worry guys don’t like girls to be taller than them anyway…shorty

Answer #6

Suposedly girls stop growing when they get to 18 but who knows…you might get a sudden growth spirt. :)

Answer #7

I’m 17 and 4’11” too. My doctor said your growth slows down when you start your period, and stops all together by 18. So if you haven’t grown in a while, I’d get used to it XD I weigh 100 and I’m in the healthy range, so if you’re anywhere between 95-110, you’re good.

Answer #8

I’m 17 and 4’11” too. My doctor said your growth slows when you start your period and stops all together by 18. So if you havent grown in a while, I’d say start getting used to it XD

Answer #9

Lol not at all… my girlfriend is 4’11 also and its so sexy lol.. I love short women, I’m 5’8 so 4’11 is perfect for me :)

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