Irs and dead mothers income taxes

IRS billed $8000 for dead mothers unpaid income taxes. She had no assets except $15000 in her bank that we paid for her funeral and medical bills. Don't know what I should do...

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I'd probably talk to a lawyer. My guess is you just write "deceased" on the bill and send it back in.

Debts don't get inherited, but the complicating factor here is that her estate did have the assets to pay the bill at the time of her death, but you spent it on the funeral.

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If you didn't sign for the bills then you are not responsible for the bills..My brother in law died and they tried to collect from the son but since he didn't sign for them then he is not responsible. Was there an Power of Attorney signed, did you sign it if so then you might be responsible for the bills. I found out the hard way that when my mom went into the nursing home I had to sign for power of attorney so now I get all of her bills! My brother wanted me to sign a power of attorney and I have not done it because he owers over $60,000 in medical bills which I am not paying!

Send the letters unopened, write deceased on them...

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