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Ok so I was lisining to a song on my ipod and I restarted the song and it playd for 9 seconds and it froze and its playing a bzzz sound for the past 15 mins and it still is sayin its only playd for 9 seconds and it wont turn off pause or turn my song

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what kind of iPOD do you have? For most, you'll toggle the hold switch to hold, then back off. then press center button and play button at the same time till the apple logo pops up. Though it may be center and menu button depend upon your ipod. You may have to attempt this a couple times for it to work, apple logo takes about 10-15 seconds to pop up. It's called a reset. after that, try a restore if the reset fails. if it makes a clicking noise your hard drive is shot. if that stuff don't work post again with your model of iPod.

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for your ipod I gave you the correct instructions, toggle the hold switch on, then off, then hold menu and center buttons down. if that doesn't work do the center and play button, but either way, thats how you reset it. I do this for a living, but I don't have each different type of ipod memorized, I normally look at the knowledge base but you can find the reset instructions on apples website :)

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hold the menu button down... that makes it restart

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try swicth it off and then on it after a few minutes!!

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