What do i do to fix ipod when frozen?

I don't understand all I did was turn it on went 2 play list found a song & pressed play & at first it was & then it just froze up lite wont go off & says now playing somebody please help me its not mine .

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Just google "how to turn off and on ipod ___" insert the kind of ipod you have in the blank. Click the search results until you find one that has simple step-by-step instructions. Turning it off and on should fix the problem. Best of luck!

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What I have to do when that happens is leave it until it runs out of battery the it works just fine again.

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maybe you should defrost it in your microwave hahaha
no seriously, just take it to like, staples, or best buy or something, and they'll fix it...
for a price :)

ipod frozen
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plug your ipod into your computer
open up itunes
go to your ipod
click "restore"
and it should be working

Owners of ipod touchh!

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Ok, so you dont have to go anywhere, press the middle button, && the menu button down @ the sametyme. This happens to me all the tyme. && my sis looked it up for me a long tyme ago. It works.

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