How much is an iphone 3gs on pay-as-you-go and how good is it?

I'm trying tto get a iPone for christmas and i need a good one so should i get iphone 3gs or iphone 4 ???

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I'm not sure if things work differently where you are, but here, the cost is relative to how many minutes you put on it. Unless you're asking how much the phone, itself is? In that case, you're looking at between $200 and $300, depending on how many GB it is.

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Okay thankyou for your help, i'm in the UK here:) but thanks for helping:):)

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the iphone 3gs now is $50 i got it not long from now is i should know

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Get the new 4S!!! Free shipping to the UK!

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thats quite expensive:/

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The 3GS is old. It doesn't come with the Retina display. Get the iPhone 4 or the 4S if you can. I didn't think it mattered until I compared a retina display iPhone 4 to a non retina display iPod touch third generation (same as iPhone 3GS)

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Well, it just came out. Is newer than the iPhone4 and include Siri voice recognition. The iPhone 4 is very similar to the 4S but is more cheaper now but I couldn't find it on the UK Apple site.

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