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does anyone know how to successfully complete internet connection test on ps3 because when I am doing it a message pops up underneath saying failed to obtain ip address. please can anyone help please. with many thanks. if you know how to will you tell me please.

Answer #1


* If [Failed] is displayed for [Obtain IP Address] or [Internet Connection], follow the on-screen instructions to check the network settings. You can adjust network settings under (Settings) > (Network Settings) > [Internet Connection Settings]. For details on the required settings, refer to the information from your Internet service provider or the instructions supplied with the network device.

* You can create a PlayStation®Network account under (PlayStation®Network) > (Sign Up for PlayStation®Network).

* If [None] is displayed for [UPnP], either the network device in use does not support UPnP or UPnP may be disabled in your network settings. For more information, refer to the instructions supplied with the network device.

* If [Type 3] is displayed under [NAT Type], the PS3™ system or the network device may not be enabled to use UPnP. Check the [UPnP] item.

* A router is a device that allows multiple devices to connect to a single Internet line.


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