How do I hook up my ps3 wireless to the internet?

I try to hook up my ps3 to the internet and it always says connection failed and I dont know how to find my ip address and all the rest of it. If anyone knows how to do it please answer, I will be thankful

Answer #1

You need to connect it to your wireless internet by scanning for the signal. If you can’t see a signal under scan then you may not have a good enough router and will have to get a long ethernet cord or have to move your PS3 closer. If you can see it but you can’t connect it may be because your router has an invisible security wall which only allows pre-determined IP/MAC adresses to access it, in which case you simply need to acceess your router settings and fill in the info.


Answer #2

If your wireless router is hooked up correctly is should just pick up the signal on its own. If you have a wireless router that works for a laptop in your house then it will work for the ps3 as well

Answer #3

Doesnt it just pick up yer wireless signal

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