Introducing puppy to adult cats?

Hey my mum has always wanted a Chiuaua for years (sorry I cant spell it) But we have 4 adults cats, that we have had for bout 8 years (maybe more) Has anyone ever introduced a puppy to adult cats before, and how did it work out ? Do you think the cats would take to the puppy ? Or should we wait til.. we have no cats.. and they’ve gone Thanks for any advice

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Answer #1

well since it is a puppy they shouldnt feel threatened but everycat is different but ther should have no beef and the cats will probably stay clear from the pup or bad him on the head acouple times just for a measure but make the puppy a part of the fam and the cats and the pup should boound I seen it done several times it just the pup have to be young it goes a lot smoother

Answer #2

You can introduce the pup to the cats…however, you have to watch carefully…Some cats might be scared of it, some cats might not care a lick, because it is so small…other cats can be territorial. A Chi puppy is very small, an might even look like “prey” to a cat…

It would be your job to protect that pup from the cats…until it was bigger, and they were used to it.


Answer #3

I introduced a puppy to an adult cat before. start by putting a cat in your living room for example and putting the puppy in the kitchen leave them there for about an hour or two (more if you want) then swap them round gradually they will get used to each others smell then put the cat in one room and the puppy in another and separate them with a door then open the door and let them sniff but if there is ANY negative behaviour separate them and carry on doing this for a bit longer. it worked for me hope it works for you :) hope I helped :)

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