Which is better internet explorer, or firefox?

Ok so which is better

Internet explorer, or firefox?

Im trying to figure out which one to use

Answer #1

I like Firefox and Opera. the new internet explorer is really bad and doesn’t work on my computer.

Answer #2

Definitely Firefox,FunAdvice is best viewed in it ad it’s WAY more safer than Internet Explorer.

Answer #3

Firefox, definitely. It’s faster and Internet Explorer has too many pop ups…

Answer #4

firefox is faster for my computer

Answer #5

Firefox, by far.

Answer #6

I think firefox lol but thats just what I think

Answer #7

Definitely Firefox ♥.

Answer #8


Answer #9

Hmm google chrome..I will have to check that one out. Why did firefox crash on u? what happened?

Answer #10

Firefox is good, but since it permanently crashed on me a few weeks ago, I’ve switched to Google Chrome and never looked back. It’s awesome :)

Answer #11

Firefox is the much better than the internet explorer.

Firefox has many new features as open the new tabs in the same window.

it is faster.

Answer #12

I have no idea why Firefox crashed on me. One day it was fine and the next day it crashed for no reason. It just kept popping up with crash reports when I try to start it.

Do a little Google research on it, there are some suggestions on how to fix it which I tried (reinstalling, deleting add-ons, etc) but nothing worked. There hasn’t been any official word on it either, it has only been suggestions from people like you and me on Firefox forums.

So as much as I really adore Firefox, I’ve found Google Chrome to be better. I also noticed that my daily AVG virus scans read from 26 warnings a day to 0 when I switched to Google Chrome.

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