Is there any interesting information on Vancouver, Canada?

Answer #1

Plenty of maple syrup.

Answer #2

My grandma was born there! I’m not sure why I felt the need to tell you that, but there it is. But I’m not actually from Canada because she moved the family to America, so I found a thing of fun facts:

Answer #3

Cool thanks

Answer #4

largest city in British Columbia, was first settled in the 1860’s, as a result of immigration, Vancouver is named after Captain Vancouver, its the third largest city in Canada, the 2010 winter olympics were held here

Answer #5

It’s named after Captain Vancouver.

Answer #6

some more interesting facts (other than the few i got) are at this website:

Answer #7

Yes been there twice. If you are going there as a tourist, be sure to sign up for a 2 days self-exploring trip travelling on the red double decker bus and visit Stanley Park is a must. Last time we were there it cost us $60 per person but we had endless rides around the Vancouver and could get off the bus and back on again whenever we wanted at designated bus stops around the city and surrounding areas. The only downside to Vancouver is there were a quite a lot of homeless people on the street and if you walk pass them; you can hear them screaming and having conversations with imaginary people around them. Also, you can take a coach and head directly to Seattle and visit the city as a day trip (we didn’t know what Seattle was like before hand, had we known, we would loved to have stay there overnight or for a few days). BY THE WAY, CANADIAN MEN ARE HOT, HOT, AND HOT. :-)

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