Canada to Australia?

Hi, I’m from Canada. I’m in my last year of school and I’ve been considering moving to Australia after I’m done. So I’m looking for advice to whether this is a good idea or no. & I’m also looking for information about Australian ways, culture, climate, etc.

Answer #1

hahahahahah, I mean compared to Canada, justie. You have tons of words from the UK over there that we don’t. Most of you know what Marmite is too :)

Answer #2

In terms of culture and lifestyle, Australia is very similar to Canada. They have a bit more a british influence, and the climate’s a LOT different, nice and warm, and the winters don’t usually get below freezing. And (looking at my watch) as the aussies are all awake now, I’m sure some will give you lots more feedback :)

Answer #3

killer jellyfish live down there. like irukandji

Answer #4

Yeh do it. We are a relaxed people here. lol. You can come have a bbq with us. Mel

Answer #5

British influence my arse

Answer #6

WTF is Marmite??

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