What are the ingredients for toothpaste?

I heard a rumour that bonemeal was used.

Answer #1

I am not aware of bone meal being used in any modern toothpaste, though I guess it may have been used as an abrasive tooth cleaner in former times. However, chalk (calcium) is used in many toothpastes, and calcium is a major constituent of bone.

“… Most commercial toothpastes are a combination of chalk, soap (SLS), glycerin and flavorings with a variety of additives. …” [ quoted from greenfootsteps.com ]

Common toothpaste ingredients include:

Detergents e.g. Sodium Laureth Sulphate(SLS) which creates the foam.

Abrasives e.g. chalk (calcium); finely ground sand (silica);

Bleaches (whitening agents) e.g. Hydrogen peroxide; sodium hydroxide; Titanium dioxide;

Stabilisers and bulking agents Polyethylenes ( e.g. PEG)

Other toothpaste ingredients include Fluorides (to combat decay); colouring, flavouring and olfactory agents.

– Majikthise

Answer #2

dont know for sure…

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