What are some indications your child should be in a higher grade?

Answer #1

do they naturally excel at most things school subjects? are they at a higher than average reading or math level?

Answer #2

If they are above their requirements, if they are always on top of the class, and find no difficulty in understanding what they are taught.

Answer #3


Answer #4

when they’re 20yrs old and still in 8th grade

Answer #5

Usually, the kids get bored in class, and sometimes end up acting out because they have nothing better to do.

Answer #6

That’s my daughter, she has a 3.9 gpa and in 2nd grade, she does her older sister’s school work, or shud I say she is able to, she has comprehension of 97%, she is very smart

Answer #7

You could always meet with her teachers or the principal of her school, talk about testing her to figure out whether they could bump her ahead next year if not next semester. A friend of mine skipped two math grades after her parents fought for the school to let her. It can’t hurt trying, if your daughter is up for the change.

Answer #8

I’m more worried about her bn with kids her own age as well, she wants to but I’m not so sure, she is gonna b tested after winter break

Answer #9

If she wants to, she’ll be fine. She can always be pulled back if she’s not comfortable with the older children. There’s always the factor of jealousy, but they should be civil toward her, and eventually accept her once they’ve spend enough time with her.

Answer #10

Just something to note from the other side of things, I was bumped up two grades when I was 5. While I was able to keep up with the academic work, it wasnt exactly easy in other areas…

Answer #11

That’s wat I’m kinda worried about, the mental and emotional part of it, like the children cud be more advanced in those areas

Answer #12

How was it for u Ty? If I may ask, do u wish u cud have stayed in the grade u were in?

Answer #13


Answer #14

But that also happens with kids who should still be in kindergarten.

Answer #15

Here’s the thing, I grew up with my classmates, if I hadnt been put there Id have missed out on them. So I cant say I wish Id been put in a lower grade. What I do realize now is that certain things I was ‘behind’ in weren’t really my fault… like I couldn’t write as fast as everyone else so I would be left behind (I mean literally left behind, they used to walk to another compound), I couldn’t sew as fast as everyone else, I was the short one, I wasn’t interested in dating till a lot later, etc… I was always like a step behind. Now, I loved my classmates and we got along great. Like I said, I wouldnt change that. But I always felt like there was something wrong with me, like I was just a step behind in some ways… And that sort of innate feeling like there was something wrong stuck with me…

Answer #16

I understand thx

Answer #17

I dont know if its a good idea for children to be moved up in school. When I started uni at 18, there was a girl in my hall of residence who was 15, who had got through high school very quickly. She was very intelligent, but it was obvious as soon as I met her she didnt have the maturity for university. She couldnt interact well with people, and she failed to get into medical school because of it. School is important for social reasons and for personal development as well as education. Perhaps you could look into extracurricular activities in order to challenge her more. Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter!

Answer #18

Thx for ur opinion, its a good one

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