Indian shemale maya

Does anyone know of an Indian Shemale called Maya ?
Where can I get her pics and clips ?

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There is a website which promoted Maya in blue films known as lb69 . But unfortunately due to extensive billig fraud this site is blocked for India . You may find some of her snaps in free promo sites as shemalelist . But you have to really search. Lucky for me I have some trailers & her snaps.


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why would you need the picture of a shemale ??? what the f*ck are you gay or something SOZ but I dont get why hahhaha???

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how is you ar shemale life?

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did you got her details?

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what the f*ck what for!

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only shemale

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hey amlan can you pass me those, I would be thankful to you !!!

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well try this website am not sure but tellmif work's .www.shemale

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find it for free in, but you have to upload first to get bandwidth.

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I have some of her pix

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I have her video. if you need this give you are mail id to send this file

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