Fun names for a web show?

me and my friend sami are making a web show what should it be called our names are sami and maya PLEASE HELP!!! we do funny things on the show so if you have a suggestion tell us and if we like it well stick with it and put your name in the credits of our show so leave your name in your answe

Answer #1

how about

“samaya.Com” said like “samaya dot com” “” said like “sami dot maya dot com”

They may sound crazy but it’s just to open the doors for more suggestions. I really like the second one though. See what others have to offer first.

Answer #2

sam and maya’s webshow!!!

Answer #3

S&M, SaMa, or just sami&maya

Answer #4

isami or imaya…lol

Answer #5

kool me and my because have a webshow check it out we also have our own website its

Answer #6

U could do izma for sami and imya for maya, or you could say your names backwards. And for the name, combine your names so it could be the samya show or the mami show.

Answer #7

How about not using your names try somthing wierd like Funny

Answer #8 or like something you do on it like if its a comedy one icomedy or I really like the

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