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Why is it that when things should be going really well for me I get incredibly negative and vice versa?

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Is it some kind of psychological problem or something? I've been wondering this for an extremely long time, I just never really wanted to ask and put it out there, it's really getting to me now though so why not? Whenever my life is going through the dumps or whatever I tend to be a fairly optimistic person, silver lining and all that jazz and I'm almost content with that. Now, for some reason when my life starts taking a turn that would be considered good by most people my mind just goes into this negative spiral and my paranoia gets worse and it's almost like I'm not allowing myself to be happy. The closest I've found to anyhting that describes me is Self-defeating personality disorder. ( ) It's not spot on, but I can relate to it. I dunno, any insight would be so nice at this point because nothing is making sense for me XD