getting very angry over the slightest things

ok lately I’ve been getting very angry over the slightest things I dont normaly hurt anybody unless they provoke me but I normaly hit/stab/break or kick or do something to something and I cant help it but other than being angry im normaly quite nice any ideas I think im just really stressed out

Answer #1

It sounds like you are really stressed so sit back and take a chill pill, try to calm down more to be the nice guy all the time.

Also, if you are around the age of puberty, it could be that as your hormone levels will be rising fast as well as plummeting.

Answer #2

oooh didnt think of that yea it’ll b puberty

Answer #3

I’m the same way, told my doctor she gave me some pills.. They make me feel like a big gay fish. Lmao anywho… just take it easy… it’s probably just stress. Today I had a major meltdown.. but that’s another story. :)

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