Is it possible to increase the laptop ram?

Answer #1

Yes there is. You have to buy a memory chip that is compatible with your computer or computer manufacturer. I believe they cost from 20-50$, prices is determined by many factors such as: manufacturer, RAM size wanted, ect. I also believe you can get these chips online from the manufacturers website. Make sure it is compatible, if not you just wasted about 30$. Read the stickers and labels where the slot is or maybe in the laptop user’s guide.

Answer #2

Go to crucial(dot)com and use their Crucial System Scanner tool to figure out exactly what type of ram your laptop needs. It will give you just about all the information you need, including speed, max size, and number of sticks you can have in your laptop. Then you can either buy through their site or shop somewhere like newegg for it or a local computer store.

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