Incinerator OR dump

doin a project please help me :P

Answer #1

The incinerator is the most clean way of disposing of garbage. It turns it to ashes right away rather than waiting millions of years to decompose the materials. The downside to that is that fire needs fuel and so we’d use a lot of fuel for our trash inceration.

Answer #2

Smiley, your question makes no sense. In fact it isn’t even a question. You need to repost it with a brief explanation of what you are asking.

After all none of us here (or anywhere else) are mind readers.

Good Luck!!

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Answer #4

My preference is incinerator. By just putting things in a dump, you allow the buildup of toxic wastes which can accidentally come back to haunt you. You also use up valuable land space. You also lock things up so that they don’t degrade or recycle.

By incineration, you reduce everything back to its basic elemental structure allowing for recycling into the environment while destroying toxic wastes and reducing the footprint of waste. Admittedly, the incinerator should be away from populated areas so that smoke and fumes get a chance to be diffused into the atmosphere.

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