In the hangover

what is the rap song called when they first show the night time vegas shot??? when they first get there…I don’t know what it called…thx :)

Answer #1

I think it’s: What do you say - Mickey Avalon

This is the soundtrack list, though:

  1. It’s Now Or Never (El Vez)
  2. Thirteen (Danzig)
  3. Take It Off (The Donnas)
  4. Fever (The Cramps)
  5. Wedding Bells (Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps)
  6. In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)
  7. Stu s Song (Ed Helms)
  8. Rhythm And Booze (Treat Her Right)
  9. Iko Iko (The Belle Stars)
  10. Three Best Friends (Zach Galifianakis)
  11. Ride The Sky II (Revolution Mother)
  12. Candy Shop (Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band)

Hope that helps. =)

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