Why do i have stomach pain after sex?


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I also think its air, because it usually happens to me when my guy pulls it out and then put it back in, you know they like S**T, the heat and space between the area really causes him to push air in there. I've had it so bad it makes me crawl where I feel like I cant even walk or get up straight and like some one said earlier it does go away if not in hours usually by morning when you sleep it off. Its good to talk ladies because truly sometimes you think things only happens to you and then you go worrying yourself to death instead lol I really even though of cancer and all

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hllasp... I can relate to wht you are saying. I used to feel the same way as you do, used to feel like using the loo for bowel moment whenever he goes in. Intially it was more worse, my husband couldnot even go in me as it used to terribily ache for me.
I went to the doc she prescribed me a medicine to apply in the area before sx, basically it numbs the area and makes sx easy. After a while you can stop using that as penetration becomes easy and painless. After that episode I was getting this bowel moment problem as you described and I started to make sure I would empyty my stomach completely, both ways, before having sx. Completely Relax your vaginal muscle when he is penetrating. This will solve the problem.

It took me 3yrs for me to realise all this and have painless sx now. we couldnot have vaginal sx for until 1 1/2 after marriage. I hope this helps.

What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
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I have no clue yet, my boyfriend and I just started having sex and now I have this terrible stomach pain. it feels like I have to use the restroom and when I'm there nothing happens. I am scared I might have something, its been a day and a half, the pain isnt as bad anymore but its still there

Stomach pains after we have sex
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I used to have that
It could be basically because hes going to deep into you
Why don't you try different positions where you control the depth?

Stomach pain during sex
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I'm sorry no one seems to know the answer. but I have the same problem. once in a while, like once a year after or mid-sex I get such a cramp of pressure in my lower abdomen that I cant move or sit or go to the bathroom. it feels like really bad bowel movement cramps, but in the wrong spot. I have read on other forums that maybe it could be related to HPV or cysts or endometriosis. oh, cosmopolitan said it could be while you are ovulating and you are just very sensitive. I feel like I just have to go to the bathroom or something. who knows I would love to

could i start having like stomache pains from pregnancy the day aftter i had sex?
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What are my stomach pains a week after sex caused from?
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This is going to sound weird but maybe if he is really big down there, he is going is so far that it hurts you. Is he really big?

pain on the side of my stomach
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ladies, do you experience a sort of jabbing during these awkward positions?
if so it's the penis ramming your cervix.
I suggest a position that doesn't allow as much penetration.
otherwise get off the dick.

why does my stomach hurt when my fiancee is on top when we have sex?
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I always have pain after sex for days... what can I do, he's hands down too big for me, but I love him to death, and the sex is unbelievable even when we keep it gentle. The doc says there's nothing wrong with me and he can't cause any serious damage...

is it normal to have a stomach ache after you had sex?
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well, I could be like most people and be an a$* and say something about how having sex is bad untill your married, but that would make me a hippocrit, because sex is natural, and im only 14 and I have had sex twice...
ummm, well...
I am assuming maybe you feel guilty?
or.. maybe
you have morning sickness..

which normaly is something that occurs when a female is pregnent...

I would advise locating where the pain is (draw a picture of a circle, which is your stomach, and then mark where it hurts) then take a painkiller, then somethign for stomach aches, then take a pregnancy test, and talk to your doctor, and ask him not to tell your parents. tell him about the fact that you had sex, and tell him the results of the pregnancy test, and lets hope for the best

Sex and stomach pain
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The reason it hurts is because you have a ton of air pressure stuck inside of you...
Taking Midol seems to work well for me. Occasionally I will feel a cramp or two, but its way better than not being able to move.
***I couldn't personally do this, but it might work for you.***
An ex of mine told me that if you insert something into you your anus while or after sex it will release the air and pressure.

I would try new positions as well.
Here is a very easy way to avoid the pains, DON'T left your lower body up or your legs. It allows air to be trapped very easily.

Why does my stomach hurt after having sex or being fingered?
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if it's a pain in your lower abdomen, around your waist, but in the center above your vagina, then it might be pelvic congestion, which occurs in about 30% of women and a higher percentage of men. I would advise you to consult a doctor just to be sure, but I highly doubt it's the size of the man, especially after having multiple acts of sex with him

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You people should have sex after marriage .

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it happens to mi as well. thanks ladies I thot it was smthin serious nw I know it normal.I cdnt stand, sit and its true his dik is too big for mi bt smtimes it penetrates with no problem

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Hun Sex is like a work out. Its like if you did 1,000 Sit ups. I have only had sex once and my tummy hurt but im not preg becuase I have had my period. So I just see it as a work out. ;-)

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oh sweetie dont worry about I get that sometimes too.Its nothing to worry about its just that he might be going in too hard and rough..maybe his private is bigger then you can take.so I suggest you guys go check out different kinds of positions for you two to try out, and see what you like.
or another suggestion is that he goes in more gently.I know it sounds like its doesnt satisfy, so while he doing it, you two should look each other in the eyes and and start to kiss while he caresses you erotically.

good luck!

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jlc35906... you are an idiot. "Morning sickness" does not occur as a pain after sex. Wow.

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yeah its more than likely he's penatrating too deep for you to handle and he's thrusting into your cervix which will cause abdominal pain afterwards. it happens to me with my boyfriend sometimes but the pain subsides! but if the pain doesnt subside within a few hours or at the most the next day or so, I'd suggest an appointment with your doc!

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hi mi ex boyfriend and I had sex a couple of weeks ago and I was on the button and it really hurt when he put it in and is that normal

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I have the same problem with my husband, it usually happens when he goes too deep. My doctor told me that it was probably because he was hitting my cervix

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today I had this horrible pain in my vagina during sex. I went to my Dr to get check and she told me that air got trapped into my vagina which it cause discomfort also my stomach hurt so much after we were done and it was cas he went to deep and was hitting my cervix... I know is very frustrating and painful it makes you feel like you dont wanna have sex ever again...

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I had sex last week and it was very painful.. I went to get check with my Dr and she says I got air trapped in my vagina during sex... also my stomach hurt a lot after sex.. it could also b cas he was hittin my cervix by going to deep into my vagina that really hurts it feel like cramps all your lower abdominal.

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I get that but its more like the feeling when you need the toilet and someone pushes on your stomache :S any answers??

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Is everyone here giving advice young?
I can bet you that you have air in your vagina. You get this more when he pulls out and sticks it back in. Do this, take your hand and push on your stomach and let the air out and then tell him to continue. Or if you guys are done, push out the air. If this is not then he's ramming the cervix which is pleasurable to some woman, but I don't recommended it. A little bump is fine

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