What are my stomach pains a week after sex caused from?

I had sex about a week and a bit again
Ever since I've had pains, could the pains have anything to do with the sex or am I thinking to much into it?

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Hmmm, let me consult my magic crystal-ball, find out what the next Lotto numbers are and then rub it again and I will be sure to tell you if your preggie. ;)

Seriously, all jokes aside, I have no friggin idea if your pregnant or not and it's silly to be asking a stranger because I don't know you or what your sex life is like...sooo...go purchase a home pregnancy test or go and visit a doctor.

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Okay thanks and yes I knoe but I just wanted advice before going to the doctor
do you think I could be pregnant?

What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
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I understand I am just trying to get people's advice before panicking and going to the doctor.

Stomach pains after we have sex
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You shouldn't be suffering from stomach pains after sex, unless you are doing positions that is giving you a work-out or tighten your stomach muscles which could explain your discomfort.

I suggest if the pain is still there, go and visit a doctor, that way, he or she can diagnose and put your mind at ease, rather then rely on strangers to dish out unqualified medical advices as most of us know jackal, that is, NOTHING.

Stomach pain during sex

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