Why do people face problems differently?

Why are some people calm when facing a problem and others are easily pressured. Others dont even think about their problems …lol

Answer #1

A very good question Luvly: Everyone of course is different, not every one thinks the same, or reasons the same, each and every person’s perception is a little if not a lot different. I my self, being a customer service rep, have learned through skilled training & life’s way. I find now that I understand better the way I deal with stress and how I cope with complex issues, simply by either placing my self in situations, or relating to them. Or being a part of it entirely. Another thing is, composure. Breathing easy, getting into a relaxed state of mind, which is sometimes not going to happen if say, you get into a car wreck for example. Those I believe whom are calm, are ether well maintained or can easily fool, because you still have those of which bottle it all up, until they explode. Though they may seem calm, them may not be. A lot of people are easily pressured because they may feel as if problems come at them in swarms, in 3’s or 10’s lol. I know I use to! Then again, others actually ignore them. Some people seem even carefree or OBLIVIOUS! (They may be!) haha Most importantly know where you stand, because there are people who choose not to deal, can’t deal, and there are those who can! Remember We’re all different.

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