How do you improve your memory naturally?

Answer #1

There are various things you can do to improve your memory such as

  1. Getting enough sleep, your brain needs rest (8 hours a night will keep you from forgetting things)
  2. Drink Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, they are ESSENTIAL for your brain, or just eat lots of fish. It is basically what keeps your brain oiled so to speak
  3. Do riddles, crosswords, sudoko, mind games etc. These things keeps you thinking and has even shown that it keeps older people’s minds fresh
  4. Play a musical instrument. Instruments exercises both parts of your brains, adds you in logic, which improves your science and math abilities and it also helps your memory improve, plus it is relaxing.
  5. Keep on learning and studying. People who stop learning actually have their mental ability and memory decrease and suffer.
Answer #2

Write things down you need to remember, when you physically write something it stores better than just hearing it. Make post it notes for yourself in places you will see them. When you hear something you need to remember repeat it a few times to yourself or make a ryhme out of it. Studies have also shown that highlighting things with neon colors or using neon paper helps us remember things written on it better.

Answer #3

well one effective way is to go over something constantly. like for example, notes go over them every day, and soon it will be in your memory very well where you can recall info months or years later. but that takes time. once you actually remember something or should i say learn something, if you dont go over it every so often you will forget it.

Answer #4

read,play,rest cos every 2hrs u slip d brain gets 15min rest n eat.

Answer #5

Get enough rest and get the vitamins and proteins your body needs.

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