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Should I go to the clinic for possible implantation bleeding?

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Hi I got Implantation bleeding on the 2nd May then got a period 2 weeks after on the 16th May. before and on May I did have irregular periods. June, July and august my periods went into patterns and I did experience Pregnancy symptoms in may and June. This month in September My period was a day late so its not in a pattern no more. I came on the next day at 10:30 pm and I wiped at it was there then it stopped and came back at 12 at midnight. In May I got some pregnancy symptoms like feeling really really sick, headaches, more tired, more toilet visits and Implantation bleeding.
In June I had a weird feeling in my belly, headaches, feeling sick and that. It was really strange that I was having pregnancy symptoms. Should I go to the clinic? I had pink streaky string blood in my discharge which happened once in 1 day. What I though would be Implantation bleeding it happened 11 days after my period I forget when I had unprotected sex then. What do you think? has any1 had a period while pregnant? did you have cramps and that? Is this Implantation bleeding a few sites has describe it and that what it were like?