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I have a new IMac which has a built-in camera. The problem is that when I open Photobooth {the software} there is an icon of a camera with a line across it signalling no camera! I have tried checking other programs like IChat to see if the camera is being used there but it isn't. I have also made sure all my software is updated. I have this feeling that there is something easy I am failing to do... but what?


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The bottom line--faulty camera. In the shop 5 days, returned better than new and no cost since it was under warranty!

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An Apple product with software glitches?? I'm stunned.

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^ he's right. apple.. pretty much sucks. I have the same computer as you, and I never had to set anything up or update any other crap to make the camera start working.. the built in isight worked the second I used it. there is probably something wrong with your computer, I would take it into the apple store to see if they can fix it, or they'll probably just give you a new one.

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