How to turn my imac camera back on

my camera on my computer turned off.
I dont know how it turned off either.
I also dont know how to turn it back on.
my camera isnt a separate piece, its already in the monitor.
does anyone know how I can turn it back on?

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No, there isn't an option or preference thing, because it shouldn't turn off. If its not coming up in Photobooth, then make sure you have all the latest software updates on your computer (go to the Apple in the top left, and Software Updates).

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well I updated the software and my computer took 15 mins to restart. I think because I downloaded this AIM program called adium it might be messing with my computer
but when I finally just shut it down my self and restarted it my camera came on.
so..thanks for all the advice
I'll have more questions-- believe me ahah.

How to turn my iMac camera back on?

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Open photobooth or another program that uses the camera.
Or have a lurk around in system prefrences to see if it has anything on the camera.

How to use your iMac computer camera?
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I tried that theres not like an option or a preferences thing

Isn't the imac one of the coolest looking computers?