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Im tired of this life I live

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I'm about to be 17 years old.I've been getting into a lot of trouble for about 2 years now,because im in this "gang".I dont like it at all because all we do is sit around and smoke a lot of weed and talk crapto everybody.weeell all this crap talking is catching up on me and I was usually the one to say I dont know if we should do this.I know I sound like a whimp but gangs were never that appealing to me and im only in one because I was kicked out for a long time and I stayed at a friends house which turned out to be in one so I got in.
Well flash forward now,im scared to leave my house(I was welcomed home again)and I am always thinking that somebodys out to get me.just thinking about walking around to get some air seems like a big task to me and I about break down in a panic attack.I was jumped by a lot of gangmembers and they knocked my tooth and everything and when they walked away they said next time we'll have guns.and I know they will because theres a lot of shootings around here.I just want my life back and it seems impossible,I stopped hangin with my gang because thay were fake as hell and just about talkin crap,kind of like they had a death wish ya know.well I kind of rambled but basically im just scared and I feel different from how I use to,I dont like to hang with my old frinds because I have to walk and I dont have a car and im not in life is so screwed up and I dont know where to start to get it back
Please help if you have any advice

P.s I cant goto the police because they all know me by name and face and would lock me up before helping me