Im so frustrated wicked frustrated and so mad! My mom is doing something withthis big machine that is making so much noise than my sister turns up the volume on the tv so its wicked loud than my dog scrathches at the door to go outside but when we open it she just stands in the doorway and lets the freezing cold air in than my computer is so slow and isnt letting me do any thing and my pjs keep getting allt angled around my legs lol now my cat wants to go out and im so frustrated I feel like screaming or yelling or something and all the crap bout breathing isnt working and im shaking im so frustrated and this usually happens but now its like really bad and im so angry!!! I dont want to do any thing I will regret like hurting someones feelings or any thing...great now my hair is so staticky it keeps getting in my face and my stomach hurts because im so mad grrr...can you please help me control this!!!1 and im not like crazy or any thing im just stressed! =]

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Gee, sounds like life - deal with it and chill - you'll live longer !!

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I agree with the chocolate!!! Also, a bubble bath usually helps!!! If nothing else count backwards from one hundred or recite a funny poem that makes no sense!!!

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try listening to some good music (earphones really help) and just relax! ( :

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ANSWER #4 of 4 watching bring it on so the peppy cheers arnt helping!!! and I cant turn it off because my sis is watching...**&%*$^*$%&*$&*$#**&^*&^^$$*# sorry I needed ot do that

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