I'm so scared I might be pregnant at 14!

I really don’t know if I’m pregnant but I missed my period and I’m scared of what my parents will say cause I’m turning 15 in December. My boyfriend said he’ll support me but I’m still scared what should I do?

Answer #1

aww, thats sweet of your bf. i mean, most guys would run away, terrified. but your man sounds like a sweet guy. :] so, umm, i’ve never been in this situation but i’ll try to help. i would say, take a pregnant test first before you go tell ur parents your pregnant. (if you are gonna have a baby, good luck telling them. lol) i bet there’s websites to help you too.

Answer #2

if you have a plan parenthood around, they give you tons of free clothes, diapers, baby furniture and other stuff that you may need. They also give you free pregnancy tests. Get tested and if it’s positive then tell your mother and father and boyfriend at the same time. don’t be ashamed, being pregnant is the gift of life. I got pregnant when I was 13 and the father was 15. Now im 16 and he’s almost 18 and it’s hard to keep a child but would you rather abort? First find out how far along you are. If you are about 5 months and down, you can abort, but it gets you worse emotionally. If you go through you may have complications. I had my daughter 2 and a 1/2 months early b/c I am so small and my body couldnt hold her any longer. as for the boyfriend, I wouldn’t be sure if he would stick around. #1 how old is he #2 does he work #3 do you both plan on staying togther—anyway the only problems I have is that im 16 and don’t feel like a teenager at all. I don’t really fit in and I hate that BUT when everyone’s having kids later on, ill be in the bars lol. seriousely talk to your parents. they will be shocked but if they love you, they will get you through this. if you decide to keep the baby. I would suggest finding a WIC near you for free fruits, veggies, juices, cereal, milk etc.. they give the checks for you and your baby for free for stuff like that. also find like a thrift store like the salvation army and buy cheap baby stuff that you need. in the first 3 months, you may puke a lot, the 2nd trimester, you may be happy and the last trimester, you cant wait for it to arrive!! you glow and your skin actually gets enhanced and everyone loves t see a pregnant mom. once you find out you are, get scheduled for a gynacoligical exam and at about 3-5 months, you can find out the sex of the baby!! talk to me if ya need anyting else.

Answer #3

right erm……….talk to your mum she will understand talk to her when shes alone when u nd her are bonding say to her “mum i need to tell you somethin” then tell her she will undertsnad trust me ! and also get a pregnentcy test!

Answer #4

Def go take a preg test to find out if you are pregnant 1st! cos you could be stressing over nothing, if you arnt preg learn from your experience and always have safe sex. If you are its time to tell you parents becos you are going to need their support!

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